Corrosion Block Grease

Corrosion Block Grease is a technologically advanced, high performance, multi-purpose grease with unique anti-corrosion properties. It out performs lithium complex greases and provides exceptional compatibility with almost all grease types. The anti-oxidant properties of its unique, ashless, thickening system provides an exceptionally long life at high temperatures, while maintaining its excellent extreme pressure properties. Even in applications where the grease is completely burned off, little or no residue is formed.


  • Excellent extreme pressure (EP) properties

  • Excellent thermal stability

  • Outstanding oxidation stability

  • Excellent salt water resistance

  • Contains no heavy metals or environmentally objectionable materials

  • Excellent low temperature mobility

  • Compatible with most grease types

  • Distinctive aqua colour


  • Protects heavily loaded equipment, and extends bearing life

  • Resists running, bleeding and softening at high temperatures

  • Suitable for extended periods of operation at elevated temperatures

  • Ideal for use in sealed-for-life applications

  • Will not soften, breakdown, or wash out in wet applications

  • Workplace friendly and environmentally responsible

  • Suitable for use in centralized lubrication systems

  • Excellent for use in low temperature environments

  • Easy conversion and reduced concerns over cross contamination

All of these features add up to less downtime and lower operating costs!

Corrosion Block Grease is available in the following sizes. Please contact us here for pricing information.


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