Anti Corrosion Solutions


To learn more about our range of anti corrosion solutions please select from one of the options below.


ACF-50 - A state-of-the-art compound for controlling corrosion on aircraft electrical and avionics systems and airframes. ACF-50 is qualified under Mil-C-81309-E, Amendment 3, Type II. ACF-50 is manufactured under ISO 9000 Certified Processes... (Read More Here)


Corrosion Block - A superior anti-corrosion, lubricating and penetrating compound designed for the marine industry. Recommended for use on electrical and electronic equipment... (Read More Here)


Corrosion Block Grease - Corrosion Block Grease is a technologically advanced, high performance, multi-purpose grease with unique anti-corrosion properties. It out performs lithium complex greases and provides exceptional compatibility with almost all grease types. The anti-oxidant properties of its unique, ashless, thickening system provides an exceptionally long life at high temperatures, while maintaining its excellent extreme pressure properties. Even in applications where the grease is completely burned off, little or no residue is formed... (Read More Here)


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